The Political Event of MKB Westland as a team with VNO-NCW West occurred on 13 February. Driven by writer and program creator Jort Kelder, the Westland competitor MPs Karin Zwinkels (CDA) and Arne Weverling (VVD), together with Matthijs Sienot (D66) and Marit Maij (PvdA MP), were altogether tested. Jort Kelder was constantly ready to energize the four government officials and to rouse the packed stay with more than 300 business visionaries in De Kiem in ‘s-Gravenzande.


Wie beter dan de door Maarten van Rossem genoemde 'hielenlikker van Churchill' kunnen we beter vragen dan Jort Kelder om zijn passie voor het icoon Churchill met ons te delen? De vele aspecten, eigenaardigheden en gedachten van het leven van WSC zullen centraal staan!

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Before the official program began, the business visionaries delighted in a heavenly cup of pea soup and there was a chance to organize. It was the first occasion when that MKB Westland and VNO-NCW West composed an occasion together. As indicated by Henk Salome (MKB Westland) and Pieter Eenhoorn (VNO-NCW West), this is absolutely worth rehashing. “It’s decent to perceive how this occasion is knowledgeable about Westland. We, as business associations, are glad for that. “, The two presidents concurred collectively. Next, Ruud van der Vliet, Business Director of Rabobank Westland, energetically respected the full live with business visionaries. “We are pleased to be a supporter of this extraordinary occasion”.

After the welcome words, it was the ideal opportunity for the discussion with the four applicant MPs. After a short fire from Jort Kelder, where the up-and-comers were promptly put on hold, they were allowed the chance to present themselves in a 2-minute pitch. In this manner, Jort Kelder figured out how to move it toward a shimmering appear. It went rapidly and forcefully. The group of spectators was energetic and was completely associated with the discussion by Kelder, making it an intuitive and animating gathering. Jort was at his best and figured out how to approach each address from the group of spectators with diversion. The discourse chief was likewise snappy and receptive to the explanations that had been provided ahead of time by the government officials.

After the official part, there was still a lot of talk while getting a charge out of a tidbit and drink. You can think back on an extremely effective gathering. MKB Westland and VNO-NCW West wish the applicant MPs each achievement and trust in a Westland portrayal in the Lower House.

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